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AVS error response codes

AVS response codes for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

AVS codeMeaningMatched details
AAddressAddress only (no ZIP code)
BInternational “A”Address only (no ZIP code)
CInternational “N”None Note: The transaction is declined.
DInternational “X”Address and Postal Code
ENot allowed for MOTO (Internet/Phone) transactionsNot applicable Note: The transaction is declined.
FUK-specific “X”Address and Postal Code
GGlobal UnavailableNot applicable
IInternational UnavailableNot applicable
MAddressAddress and Postal Code
NNoNone Note: The transaction is declined.
PPostal (International “Z”)Postal Code only (no Address)
RRetryNot applicable
SService not SupportedNot applicable
UUnavailableNot applicable
WWhole ZIPNine-digit ZIP code (no Address)
XExact matchAddress and nine-digit ZIP code
YYesAddress and five-digit ZIP
ZZIPFive-digit ZIP code (no Address)
All othersErrorNot applicable

AVS response codes for Maestro

AVS codeMeaningMatched details
0All the address information matched.All information matched
1None of the address information matched.None Note: The transaction is declined.
2Part of the address information matched.Partial
3The merchant did not provide AVS information. Not processed.Not applicable
4U Note: Either a number or a letter is returned.Address not checked, or acquirer had no response. Service not available.Not applicable
NullNo AVS response was obtained. Default value of field.Not applicable

AVS response codes for American Express

ACard holder address only correct.
DCard holder vame incorrect, postal code matches.
ECard holder name incorrect, address and postal code match.
FCard holder name incorrect, address matches.
KCard holder name matches.
LCard holder name and postal code match.
MCard holder name, address and postal code match.
NNo, card holder address and postal code are both incorrect.
OCard holder name and address match.
RSystem unavailable; retry.
SService not supported.
UInformation unavailable.
WNo, card holder name, address and postal code are all incorrect.
YYes, card holder address and postal code are both correct.
ZCard holder postal code only correct.

CVV2 error response codes

CVV2 response codes for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

CVV2 codeMeaningMatched details
EError – Unrecognized or Unknown responseNot applicable
IInvalid or NullNot applicable
MMatchCVV2 / CSC
NNo matchNone
PNot processedNot applicable
SService not supportedNot applicable
UUnknown – Issuer is not certifiedNot applicable
XNo responseNot applicable
All othersErrorNot applicable

CVV2 response codes for Maestro

CVV2 codeMeaningMatched details
1No matchNone
2The merchant has not implemented CVV2 code handlingNot applicable
3Merchant has indicated that CVV2 is not present on cardNot applicable
4X Note: Either a number or a letter is returned.Service not availableNot applicable
All othersErrorNot applicable

Payment Advice Codes for declined payments

For more information about declined payments, see the Website Payments Pro integration guide.

MasterCard response values and definitions

Response codePossible reason for declineSuggested action
01 (New account information).Expired Card Account upgrade, or Portfolio Sale Conversion.Obtain new account information before next billing cycle.
02 (Try again later).Over Credit Limit, or insufficient funds. Retry the transaction 72 hours later.
03 (Do not try again. Obtain another type of payment from customer due to account being closed or fraud).Account Closed Fraudulent.Obtain another type of payment from customer.
21 (Do not try again. Card holder has canceled recurring charge).Card holder has been unsuccessful at canceling recurring payment through merchant.Stop recurring payment requests.

Visa response values and definitions

Response codePossible reason for declineSuggested action
02 (Stop a specific payment).Card holder wants to stop only one specific payment in the recurring payment relationship.The merchant must NOT resubmit the same transaction. The merchant can continue the billing process in the subsequent billing period.
03 (Revoke authorization for further payments).Card holder wants to stop all recurring payment transactions for a specific merchant.Stop recurring payment requests.
21 (Cancel all recurring payments for the card number in the request).All recurring payments have been canceled for the card number requested.Stop recurring payment requests.

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